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Formally The Biker and The Witch of Glenwood Springs  Colorado.


At The Bubbling Cauldron you will find an assortment of metaphysical items. From books on Wicca and natural healing, candles and incense, handmade wands and anthems, altar accessories and much more.  We are always adding new items to our inventory and offer spe orders!


By request we have kept our woman's clothing lines. You will find cool pinup and punk rock clothing clothing for the ladies.  And don’t forget we do special orders!


Need to find a great gift or just something special for yourself?  We sell jewelry, books, magazines, tin signs, handmade candy and more along with our clothing and Metaphysical products.  We are always expanding our inventory!


We also offer workshops, from Wicca to Natural Healing.  We offer rune and card readings as well as other Metaphysical services.  Plus Enlightened Circles Witch's Night held at least once a month.  For the Pagan to someone who just enjoys quality incense. Shop at The Bubbling Cauldron!

Below you will find some of our best sellers or products on sale.  This is only a small sample of what we carry.

Coming soon:  Spell kits, travel altars, delux altar kits!



Finding Your Path

Book:  Finding Your Path by Kristin West

$14.95 *
In stock

Pentagram Plug 9/16

Silver pentagram 9/16 ga. plug

$9.99 *
Old price $10.99
In stock

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

Full size Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck. 

$26.99 *
In stock

Green Pentagram Necklace

Pewter 1 1/4" pentagram  with green crystals adjustable necklace.

$17.99 *
In stock

Bronze Thor's Hammer Necklace

Bronze 1 1/4" Thor's Hammer necklace, brass chain.

$40.99 *
In stock

Pink Leopard Size 8 Shoes

Pink leopard with bow high heels size 8 shoes.

$51.99 *
In stock

Satya Dragon's Blood

Our most popular incense!  Satya Dragon's Blood Incense.  15 grams.

$2.69 *
In stock

Dragon's Blood

Dragon Blood resin, 1/2 oz.

Magickal properties:   Exorcism, love, potency, protection.

Please note you will need charcoal and a charcoal bunrer to use this type of incense.

$5.89 *
In stock

Dragon Incense Burner

Cast resin dragon stick incense burner.

$28.99 *
In stock

Tea Pot Charcoal Burner

Cast iron tea pot with pentagram charcoal burner. 

$17.99 *
In stock

Witching Hour Dream Catcher

Witching hour cat dream catcher.

$23.99 *
In stock

Pentagram Wind Chime

Black pentagram wind chime, 9 1/2".

$12.99 *
In stock

Pentagram Decoration

Handmade copper and beads pentagram.  Each on is unique and exclusive to The Bubbling Cauldron.  Great to hand on the wall, ceiling or in a window.

$19.99 *
In stock

Goddess Candle-Prosperity

Goddess scent pillar candle with pendant, prosperity.

$21.99 *
In stock

Cat and Pentagram Wall Hanging

Black cat with pentagram and crescent moon wall hanging, 7 1/2".

$32.99 *
In stock

Wildcrafted Herbs Juniper

Wildcrafted Herbs, juniper.

Metaphysical properties:  anti-theft, exorcism, health, love, protection, psychic power.

Each herb is wildcrafted from local plants and gardens by our herbalist.  They are ethical wildcrafted and taken with thanks to each plant.  They are not powdered because they loose their potency once they are powdered.  Use them as incense or loose herbs in your spells.  These herbs are NOT intended for medicinal use.  Blessed Be!

$2.99 *
In stock

Heart Swing Dress

Red heart swing dress, size Small.  Made in USA!  100% cotton.  Only one left then it will be gone!

$67.49 *
Old price $89.99
In stock

Skull Stamp Dress

Skull stamp dress, size X-Large.  Made in the USA!  100% cotton.  Only one left then it is gone!

$75.00 *
Old price $99.99
In stock

Blue Floral Pencil Dress

Blue floral pattern pencial dress, size X-Large.  Adjustable strapes.  97% cotton, 3% spandex.  Only one left then it will be gone!

$66.75 *
Old price $88.99
In stock

Black and White Pencial Dress

Black and white pencial dress, size 1-xl.  Made in the USA!  79% rayon, 17% nylon, 4% spandex.  Only one left then it is gone!

$56.25 *
Old price $74.99
In stock

Black Pencil Dress

Black pencial dress.  Made in the USA.  79% rayon, 17% nylon, 4% spandex. 

$67.49 *
Old price $89.99
In stock

Sugar Skull Dress

Sugar Skull dress, size 2XLarge.  Made in the USA!  100% cotton top.  75% rayon, 21% nylon, 4% spandex skirt.  Only one left then it is gone!

$63.74 *
Old price $84.99
In stock

Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Lapis Lazuli and sterling silver pendant.  Shape will varry.

Metaphysical properties:  Friendship, contact with guardian spirits, helps with automatic writing, inner power, inner truth, intuition, love, manifestation, organization, protection, purification, self-confidence, truth, Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Taurus, Sagittarius, Element of Water.

$16.99 *
In stock

Malachite Pendant

Malachite and sterling silver pendant.  Shape will varry.

Metaphysical properties:  Balance, calming, comfort, aid concentration and intellect, healing, leadership, love,  loyalty, peace, positive transformation, prosperity, protection, self-understanding, wisdom, Heart and Throat Chakra, Libra, Scoprio, Capricorn, Element of Earth.

$16.99 *
In stock

Witches & Pagans Issue 31

Witches & Pagans magazine issue #31.  Arts of Magic.

$6.95 *
In stock
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